Dr. Mark Tiger Edmonds
Words of Praise for Tiger's Various Works:
"The poems explain what its like to be a biker, as opposed to someone for whom motorcycles are transportation or a hobby,
better than anything I have ever heard."

"He never takes the sunglasses off. Not in the classroom, not in the rain, not while he's eating scrambled eggs at the Waffle House.
When you look at him, you see yourself."

"Broken marriages, the army draft, and an obsession with the open road serve as markers along the twisting, turning route of
Tiger's life."

"Edmonds says he has accepted motorcycle riding as part of his destiny..."

"Years later, he tells us his stories along with a running social commentary... But somehow he never comes across as
mean-spirited, and I thought his stories were insightful and compassionate."

"The poems are haunting in a way... like a visit from a long-lost companion."

"He's hard and he's scarred and he's grayin', and he's pissed off most of the time."

"Students at St. Leo know him as Dr. Edmonds, a tough teacher who cares about his students."

"The best part of him is his memories."

"Oh good! An old hippie."

"Moto-author, Mark Tiger Edmonds,... was a special draw during Biketoberfest... at a Barnes and Noble bookstore across from
the Speedway, Orlando-Daytona Beach, FOX-TV, and a local radio program."

"In some poems, the road is brutal, but there are moments of blinding beauty."

"He might be a dead cult figure in Europe."

"He looks like Willie Nelson and sounds like Johnny Cash."

"But back to Tiger, who is the real deal when it comes to being a living contradiction...(he) knows how important it is for students to
at least be exposed to people who spend a large portion of their lives looking at the world from a slightly different angle."
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A Lifelong Friend
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A former woman, as she left
His students initial reactions, before
they discover he's their worst nightmare
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A marketer of his CDs
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