Dr. Mark Tiger Edmonds
The 10th and 13th annual Southern Festival of Books, Nashville, Tennesee, 2000 and 2003

The Art of the Motorcycle: Orlando Museum of Art, 2006

BMW International Rally: Charleston, West Virginia, 2003

American Identities 2000 National Symposium: "American Road Literature" SUNY, Potsdam, 2001

"A Machine in the Garden" Boston Agricultural Center, Boston, Massachusetts, 2003

"Books Alive!" Panama City Book Festival, 2003

The 10th annual Lars Anderson Motorcycle Day: Brookline, Massachusetts, 2003

Lee County Book Festival: Fort Meyers, Florida, 2003

St. Petersburg Times Festival of Reading, 2002

Countless literary gatherings, campfires, colleges, bookstores, cookfires, bars, funerals, wedding receptions, bonfires, motorcycle rallies, poker
runs, coffee shops, parades, libraries, classrooms,( including a group of a hundred-fifty seventh graders), dry places in rain storms, radio
programs all over the country, various symposia, assorted jamborees, and other such events.
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