Dr. Mark Tiger Edmonds
About the Author
Words of wisdom:

"Be mindful of the wind."

"Never take a knife to a gunfight."

"Don't ride in storms with names."

"Be reverent of the roadkill; it could be you."

"Don't never climb on nothin' you can't ride."

"Just because I'm funny lookin', it don't mean I'm stupid."

Take a BMW motorcycle, one million miles, and Mark Edmonds. Distill for thirty-five years. Result? You get an insightful,
compassionate and passionate view of America and what it means to all of us who, after all, are "just passing through."
From a slum in Detroit to a backwoods Alabama church, you'll breathe the air of what it means to be America-the lovely
and the not-so lovely. Dr. Edmonds' assessment of this country and the changes it's undergone remains as unswerving
as his assessment of himself as he rides his own pilgrimage, just passin' through.

Speaking Topics Include:

Literature of The American Road
Living, Life, Dying, Death, and maybe something afterward
Travel in America
Contemporary American Education
The State of Literacy in America
Linguistic Engineering
Pithy Pasco County Reflections
Political Correctness
The Need for Going
The Code

All of which will make you laugh, make you nearly cry, and are guaranteed to make you think.

Tiger customizes his presentations to his specific audiences; like teaching, this requires knowing his audience.

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